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Originally Posted by Barney Gumble View Post
You're forgetting that "knee-on-knee" hit that didn't exactly do him any good. In spite of that, he was scoring at a 20 goal pace as a Canuck.

Sammy OTOH didn't have to make passes given that he'd pretty much shoot the puck at any spot on the ice.
Do you know even in samuelsson's lower season on the nucks, he still scored 18 and managed even more assists to make up for it. and that samuelsson will probably ALWAYS be the more valuable player in the playoffs. Even with his odd drive to the net, i can't see the way he plays being as valuable as a grit machine like samuelsson.

our seasons barely matter anymore, not in comparison to the playoffs

i rather a non flashy season player and has the tools required to succeed in the playoffs

like i said earlier, i want more players like hartnell and samuelsson, i rather trade players like raymond, heatley, etc (even if they are younger and score more pretty goals)

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