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01-06-2013, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by pseudonymous01 View Post
The people that mention he'll be around longer. Well think about this.

Do you take the 80 percent or the 90 percent, the 80 percent lasts longer but why can't you replace the 90 percent with another 80 or 90 when the time comes? dont you come out on top? his salary and no demand for long contracts made that possible

Guys act as if we couldn't find another player when samuelsson faded out. With 5 million, i think its possible

With the way UFA was looking these past 3 years, I doubt this team would have found a PWF Top6 scorer for a sub 5m contract un FA. Who would have fit that mold in FA?

For any UFA, it's a gamble. It was only Garrison's ties to BC that allowed him to be signed at the 4.6m mark, when rumours persisted that he could have gotten close to 6m elsewhere. Would it be prudent to rely on that same strategy and _hope_ to get a player like Booth in the same way? And when? This team is contending now...

When you argue Booth vs. Imaginary Roster Player X, Booth is not going to win because the grass is always greener.

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