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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
With the way UFA was looking these past 3 years, I doubt this team would have found a PWF Top6 scorer for a sub 5m contract un FA. Who would have fit that mold in FA?

For any UFA, it's a gamble. It was only Garrison's ties to BC that allowed him to be signed at the 4.6m mark, when rumours persisted that he could have gotten close to 6m elsewhere. Would it be prudent to rely on that same strategy and _hope_ to get a player like Booth in the same way? And when? This team is contending now...

When you argue Booth vs. Imaginary Roster Player X, Booth is not going to win because the grass is always greener.
no im just saying you dont trade backwards because hes going to play at a good pace for longer, you take the better player. nobody trades for a rookie unless that rookie has real good potential to be even better. even if booth increased his game, he'd still only increase to how good samuelsson was for us (hes not even there yet after 60 games) - when the time comes, you then go through the process of finding someone again in a few years, thats how the nhl works. i think our team is more than capable to find good talent if we have the available cap space, its an attractive team/market to play for

my opinion of samuelsson and what he brings to our team, especially in the playoffs is simply higher than yours, thats all it comes down to. i believe you think booth will fill out and become a better player than samuelsson, i do not because i think highly of samuelsson. so trading backwards to get a player that eventually brings as much, well it seems odd

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