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01-06-2013, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
That's where we disagree. I don't see value in having Booth for longer if he's not giving us good value at $4.2mil. He will need to improve upon his play from the last 3 seasons for me to look at this player as a valuable asset at his contract.

Booth just really hurts our versatility up front. He can't kill penalties, isn't good on the PP, looks lost with the Sedins, a poor fit on the 3rd line and won't help Ryan Kesler score goals. It really limits what AV can do with the lineup having this guy stapled to Kesler, unless the 2 show excellent chemistry. Remains to be seen if they can form a formiddable duo.

Keep in mind I was probably the 1st one on this board to bang the bring Booth to Vancouver drum - roughly 2 years before he was actually acquired. I want him to succeed - I've just been surprised and disappointed how limited a player he's appeared to be in Vancouver. If he plays well, I won't hesitate to aknowledge it. Jury is out.

Jury is out, sure. But he is a top6 PWF making league average 2nd line money. We went over this remember? When I brought up guys like Setoguchi, PM Bouchard and others...?

The longevity is an asset as long as he still is a top6 PWF, because the odds of VAN finding something similar for less are unlikely. That said, if you see a top6 PWF sign for less in FA, or see a similar top6 PWF get traded for a similar package, you've got a case to be made. I just don't think you will see that player/deal.

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