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01-06-2013, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by StanGrossman View Post
Dan Russell has been terrible for years. He can't let his issues with the Burke era team go. He is also incredibly choked he never got the Jim Robson job.

His show used to be the best around, but then it just became a soapbox for him to run down the team for anything and everything. He calls 1040 a bunch of cheerleaders, but they are more reflective of what fans want and think. They can also be fairly critical when it's called for.

Russell's show is only about the Vancouver Giants now anyway......and I have no interest in that. I think Russell should just retire.......or get some counselling and a prescription for Lithium, and let the past go.
Grew up listening to a great show!! Now NHL hockey is an afterthought for the show. Being critical of the home team is fine, but when they have won their division 4 years in a row 2 presidents trophy isn't a bit hard to be very critical of the manager? He goes through the drafting a Gillis etc.. Until the Canucks lose and Gillis drafting is proven to be terrible Russel sound very bias and bitter.

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