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01-06-2013, 10:57 PM
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Originally Posted by mesamonster View Post
Classic Jamison!
Does anyone really know what that means? After all the guy's been a ghost to everyone for the past 18 months.

Why on earth would he need to meet with those two clowns?
Supposedly this deal was done, vetted by GB and the BOG, approved by them etc. etc. Gee even gramps claims he has the money and is ready to go!
Uh.... to finalize the sale agreement, now that this little task of getting a CBA seems all but done???

Getting Bettman's and Daly's jersey size??

Showing Bettman and Daly his new uniform proposals for the following season??

Asking if it's okay to change the name to Arizona Coyotes this season or should he wait until next year??

Mind you I'm just speculating but I don't recall Bettman or Jamison ever saying a deal "is done".

LOL, he is meeting with GB to get the OK to pull the plug, his charade is over with the new CBA in place. The lock out was always his excuse, once the imbeciles at the Council agreed to a new lease his only protection left was the league issue. Thats gone , now its time for GJ to head for the hills, his work is done.
More soapboxing...... oy!!!!!

Might save this one too.

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