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01-06-2013, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by livewell68 View Post
....and last year the Penguins were supposed to win the Cup and just walk all over the competition right?

Too bad those unfair refs stopped the "untouchable" Crosby and his second fiddle centerman in Malkin from beating the helpless Flyers

Without only looking at stats but by judging Crosby on the way he played last year, other than that first game against the Islanders, how many times was Crosby actually dominant? How many of the points he scored were meaningful and not just garbage points where his team was up 4-1 already in the the 3rd period after it was Malkin who had a part on pretty much all those first 4 goals? The Penguins got on a hot streak long before Crosby got back, he just rode Malkin's coattails the rest of the season. If Malkin doesn't go beast mode in the second half, Crosby doesn't score half of those points last season no matter how well rested he was. In the 22 games that Crosby played, it was Malkin who faced the opposing teams' best defensive assignments, best defenses and shadowing. It wasn't Crosby so it made it easier for him to have more open ice to put up points. This year BTW, neither will have Staal to rely on if they are having an off night. They are no longer as deep at center as they once were and I think Staal's departure will have a much larger effect (and not necessarily a positive one) on Crosby and Malkin's stats.

Crosby's been training hard, good for him. Some players have been training just as hard and have actually played some meaningful games this year. They'll be ready to go when the puck drops.

The only negative thing that's going to come out of this lockout being settled is having to see Crosby's massive nostrils being thrown in our faces every game and every post-game game coverage. Crosby makes a routine pass "Oh wow, did you just see that amazing pass that Crosby made? No one in the league can make that pass, that's something only Gretzky could have pulled".

When Malkin scores a hattrick; "Malkin's a great player but when healthy, Crosby's the best player in the NHL quite decisively. What other players like Giroux, Kovalchuk that actually manage to remain healthy do is irrelevant to the NHL. Crosby farts gold dust".

I can't wait for this award winning hockey coverage and commentating to resume.
Did you miss the part where I said "good thing it's a team game" before you began a rant on the Penguin's losing games?? Yes, cry all you want about Crosby fandom, at the end of the season he'll have the highest ppg just like he did last season.

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