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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
Everyone has lordosis. Hyper-lordosis is an over curvature that can cause back pain, but it is normal to have the inward curvature. Lordosis is just the term for the natural, normal curve of the spine. Hyper lordosis is common in lifters who work office jobs or spend too much time sedentary when not in the gym. You can correct it within a month.

Causes of hyper lordosis are excess body fat or spending too much time seated each day. You can correct it by trimming down (not saying you're overweight, just throwing it out there), making sure to stretch daily, your upper and lower body, especially hip flexors, and avoid sitting too much. Stretching is especially key. If you work an office job, for example, try standing at your computer when you can. It will burn a little bit of extra calories as well, but also help your spine get back to it's normal curvature. Also, make sure you're not loading your squats or deadlifts too much and that you practice proper form over going for bigger weights. Poor form can put too much stress on the lumbar muscles and cause lower back pain and the hyper lordosis posture.
I can work on trimming down

Not sure how my teachers would feel about me standing in class though

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