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01-06-2013, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by BradD View Post
I'll give you that Beagle can be a replacement but eventually they'll part ways with him. Alot of value in Hendricks, try not to throw it away. Little value in Beagle since he's not going to be one of those guys who is locked up and a huge fan favorite.
Originally Posted by BradD View Post
Going by one season when the others he failed to get below 15?

Never scored more than 5 points in a season in the NHL. An undrafted player who played with Hershey 07, so 6 years.

Don't know why we're fighting though, we're all Caps fans.
Originally Posted by BradD View Post
I never said anything factually wrong, did I? I claimed that these players weren't consistent. No one has proven me wrong yet about this. I'm only insulting someone because I got called stupid and a 12 year old when i'm a grown ****ing man.


Faceoffs: Close, about 4%
Playmaking: Beagle career high 5 points. Hendricks alot more

Did you not check the faceoff percentage before you posted? Plus I get a great guy for a shoot-out who has been proven to have quick hands! And only a couple years older!
Originally Posted by BradD View Post
Sorry, I meant 4. It's getting late. I don't see that being a huge signifcant difference, though. Also depends on how many faceoffs were taken, although this doesn't factor in that much this time. Laich took 1400 but his percentage isn't great.

We'll just settle this argument with a "we'll see" I suppose. No one is going to win because clearly I believe he is a scrub and you think there is more for him.

Also I love how Halpern is at the top.
Quoted it for you with bold in attempted resolution.

I'm a grown man and don't need to be belittled. Also Hendricks put up 16 points in a little bit more games than Beagle when he was 28. Next season he put up 25. Hendricks was on an NHL roster, he played 4 games, and did more in the minors than Beagle did transferring to the NHL starting position the next year. Beagle had a good year in 2009 but didn't play more than thirty games in the NHL until 2 years later, where he racked up (get this) 3 POINTS!!

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