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01-06-2013, 11:53 PM
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I'm glad that the season is returning and that there may in the future be changes I'd like to see (realignment, some obvious rules changes like no-touch icing). The last lockout brought lasting change, and in most cases it's been good for the game, or in the case of things like the shootout, not a terrible detriment.

I don't feel betrayed or wronged by the process that has gone on since summer. Everything we buy, every service we use has ugly, unfair business attached to it. The NHL has to do it with more public scrutiny than most. Hockey is a career for the players, and they should work to maximize their advantage, as all their work throughout their life could end at any moment, in any game.

In the past two years I've become an avid watcher of the Sharks on TV- getting season tickets or going to a bunch of games has simply not made sense given the cost. Since we live in one of the most hockey starved metro areas (no major junior, no high school or college, and no AHL), the Sharks are needed and it's hard to make due without them.

I haven't been substituting sports much. I watched somewhat more college football than I otherwise might have. Hockey remains the only sport that is appointment TV viewing.

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