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01-07-2013, 12:19 AM
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I still think Musgrave cost us the game (okay, to be fair, I don't really follow Football).

The first drive were the Vikings got three points, they executed well because they ran the ball. Once they strayed from the game plan (tack on the Williams offsides, the Brinkley 12 man blunder, and the ******* who fumbled that punt), I feel those were the dominos that fell that lead to the defeat. Obviously, the Packers are a more talented team and Webb isn't good by any stretch of the imagination (especially with no playing time for the whole year), but Musgrave had them on their heels until they stopped running the ball and then Williams lined up wrong which would've turned a punt into the Packers driving down and getting on the scoreboard.

And the other reason I think Musgrave doesn't fit here, how they don't design more plays for Rudolph (maybe it's the scheme but then why draft a catching tight end in the 2nd round?) is absolutely mind blowing. To me, after Percy went down, Wright and Rudolph were the only two reliable people to throw too (other than AP).

I'm sure somebody who follows Football more closely can point out, how I'm wrong on my analysis.

Either way, I'm happy the NHL is back so I can start watching that again. Ha.

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