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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
Kesler isn't the one that decides when he's fit to play. I hate these conspiracy theories. These are professionals, especially Kesler's agent.
Yes he is. I dont know what people think about doctors but it isn't like the show House. They are hardly geniuses, they use machines and get most of their diagnoses with symptoms you explain. If you claim you are feeling stiffness here or there, or it still hurts or things have got progressively worse, the doctor is goign to say you've taken a step back

In the end, the player almost always has the ability to sway the diagnoses to however he pleases. To some extent

I think alot of times, its up to the player whether hes comfortable enough to resume

If hes at all concerned, and could go either way, he'll side with caution if it means getting paid. If it meant playing, he may side with that hes ready. The timeframe where you can go either way is quite long, from my experience with injuries

Once it gets close to being ready, i think the players evaluation of themselves has alot of pull

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