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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
Just checking, you do know that the events in the movie actually happened? They just changed the names of the actual Spanish family and the language to English.
Actually if the movie had played it straight and just told the story, it would have probably been really interesting. This is a movie that wants to tug on the heart strings every chance it gets. Some of the events might have happened but their shape and emphasis is determined by a hack director. It probably bears about as much resemblance to reality as Hitchcock does. And I guarantee you that family did not go around with a string orchestra and piano playing schmaltz in the background on every sensitive occasion.

Sure it has gotten many good reviews, but by no means exclusively. Here's a sampling of other negative reviews from rottentomatoes:

The hokum can wear you down worse than the tsunami.
--Jake Mulligan/Boston Phoenix

Emotional exploitation of the most vile and insensitive kind.
--Tom Clift/Moviedex

A sentimental slog that encourages us to celebrate the survival of European tourists while turning a blind eye to the deaths of thousands of others.
--A A Dowd/Time Out Chicago
The dialogue is almost uniformly awful, and the plotting tugs on heartstrings more blatantly than a Hallmark Channel movie.
--Josh Bell/Las Vegas Weekly
Riveting for a spell, but imbued with a phony uplifting sensibility that detracts from the Thailand tsunami's real story.
--Robert Lewin/amNew York

An earnest, extremely grueling, prodigiously crafted true-life drama that takes one of the worst natural disasters in recorded history and reduces it to a bad day at Club Med.
--Ty Burr/Boston Globe

A sham realist's disaster movie, tackily insulting the deaths of 300,000 people by reducing the horrors of the Indian Ocean tsunami to a series of genre titillations.
--Ed Gonzalez/Slant Magzine

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