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06-12-2006, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Habsaku
I hate apples with a passion, cannot stand them.
For the sake of interesting discussion, may I ask why you hate Apples so much? The reason I ask is that if you haven't used them since Mac OS X came out (especially since 10.3), you're bound to be pleasantly surprised - rock solid Unix (BSD) underpinnings, a fantastic GUI where they actually pay attention to the small details and great standards adherence. No viruses and top-rated support as well. I used to dislike them in the OS9 days, but the new Macs are as close to the computing holy grail as I've seen. I'm a software developer for a living, so I see enough of computers. Even my wife has admitted that it's the first computer she's ever liked.

And hey, since they switched to Intel processors, you can dual boot or run icky Windows in an emulator for an occasional game. I've personally sworn off Microsoft as they've pretty near ruined the computing industry. They're also terrible at technology, more interested in helping corporations than you, dishonest, predatory... check here for some more.

For a PC, I would recommend building your own, or at least getting someone to build them for you. We use Dells here at work, and we seem to have a lot of little issues with them, and run into proprietary HW issues sometimes. Overall they're not bad, but if I were going to buy a PC, I would go the custom route.

My 2cents. Good luck on the new system!

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