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Originally Posted by SneakerPimp82 View Post
So you honestly expect Pietrangelo to sign for less than $6 million AAV? In addition to jettisoning 2 veteran players for 2 others that will be on entry level contracts?
No I did not say any of that. What I said was I am not going to speculate on numbers (the only number I said was its unrealistic to think the Blues will spend $20 mil just on defense), Andy Mac will not be back unless he takes a big pay cut, and that I would not be surprised if Stewart is traded and some one on an ELC takes his place.

The Blues have not made a profit in at least 20 years and are a small market team. They are not about to spend way more in salaries than they have to. Unless some extremely rich guy that does not care about money buys the team (which is very unlikely) or STL somehow becomes as profitable as an O6 team they are going to be towards the bottom of the league in salary.

In terms of putting the best team on the ice and winning it makes perfect sense to spend tons of money, but from a business stand point it makes 0 sense. The current ownership will run out of money faster than Checketts if they do not start making a profit every year. Yea it sucks the Blues cannot afford to keep every good player they have forever but that's the way it is. The Blues have some of the lowest gate receipts in the league.

The team by its self is not worth much more than $100 million and lost $10 million last season while being in the top 10 in attendance and making it to the second round of the POs. They spent 54.8 mil in salaries (current salary is 53.6), in order for them to have been profitable they would had to have spent $5 mil less than any other team. The new CBA will help some but you have to be realistic when looking at the future of the team. The only way they are going to be profitable going forward is cutting expenses and/or increasing ticket prices (which they cannot do because of the lockout).

If you were the owner would you rather spend more on the blues and have a greater chance on winning the cup, but risk losing more than $10 mil a year that you do not have and potential lose everything you have. Or would you rather piss off some fans by cutting salary and have less of a chance of winning the cup? If Stillman's group starts losing large amounts of money right away there is not any one coming in to save them. There was not any one else willing to buy the team last year do not expect some one to show up if Stillman cannot afford to operate the team.

I know i have gone way off of topic but every one should be happy Stillman stepped up and bought the team because if he did not the Blues might not be in STL anymore. If he does not make money there is really only 2 options, we become phx 2.0 or the team leaves. I would rather salaries be cut and potentially lose a few players than either of those options.

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