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01-07-2013, 01:05 AM
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For the record a sports hernia is not an actual hernia. It's a misnormer... It's actually a kind of groin tear, typically the aductor tendon. Only reason I know is because I had surgery to repair it a couple years ago by the same guy who does most of the Sharks players sports hernia surgeries. It's actually easier to skate than run with the injury so a tread mill is out as is any sort of work out other than rehab rubber band types of exercises. If it's actually torn no amount of rest will heal it, it's got to be fixed. It causes all kinds of other problems due to throwing the bodies balance off so drastically. While I was trying to play thru mine I repeatedly had back muscle strains and neck strains and ham strings pulls in the good leg. Never had these issues prior to the injury and they all this went away after surgery and it hasn't been a problem since. Yes it completely limits your ability to take a slap shop but that may depend on which leg is the problem. Originally injured it falling awkwardly into the boards while playing roller hockey.

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