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01-07-2013, 01:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
Girardi in particular but also Hamhuis are much more physical than anything Harrington has ever give indications of being, and both clearly bigger offensive threats. Hamhuis incomparably so. Even Gorges whose junior offense hasn't spilled over to the NHL produced at a much higher clip in traditionally the most austere of any of the Canadian leagues.
Like I said, their mutual coach is the one who made the Girardi comparison. I doubt any of us are as familiar with both of them as they came through juniors as Hunter. Gorges and Hamhuis were about as prolific as Niskanen in terms of hits last year. I really don't think that's beyond Harrington.

I wouldn't put junior production as a major factor when it comes to projecting a defensive defenseman. It's not and won't be a staple of his game.

Shocked? No. But Morrow has a stand out quality that can bring him into the league sooner than his overall capability would likely warrant a'la DelZotto. His PP skill and blast of a shot - something you can (rarely) just pick up a vet to do on the cheap. Harrington has to get in the same way Strait does/must. When we need a defensive D-man who can play on the PK... and that role is one where you can always go to the market and pick up an experienced guy, just as Harrington, like Strait has to leapfrog those unexpensive NHL seasoned players we already have.
If picking up a quality PK defensemen were that easy, I'm sure we'd have one by now. Again, Harrington is a class above Strait.

I certainly would argue with that .
The Rangers have a good defense surely, but more a homogenous one than a great one, and if it wasn't for Lundqvist and the system they employ the players individually would be no way near as coveted. That is not a slight on Staal, McDonaugh or Girardi, all of whom I rate.
Well, I think it's fair to say you're in the minority, and I'd like to hear about all the teams with a better blueline.

Again, my point is that we have so many young D-men who are as of yet just unconfirmed prospects that we have the luxury to not treat any of them as priorities. The more we wait on, the more we are going to piss away simply because of creating a log-jam that insures these guys won't get to prove themselves in the NHL which is where genuine value is added. I know we rather agree on this which is why we are *****ing about the Pouliot pick.
For that reason also, I am really tempted to trade Harrington right now where he has a lot of positive press following his superb 2012 and being the better among Canada's D-men at the WC. Because until he gets into the NHL and shows that he can do there what he does in juniors, right now with that hype behind him he is going to be about as valuable as he will be.
There isn't a logjam yet, though. And since we're obviously weak on defense and very capable of scoring, I really don't understand why these defense prospects are burning a hole in your pocket. They won't all develop perfectly, and we'll likely need a significant overhaul over the next few years.

You're right though, Harrington's value is as high as it may be for awhile because he performed very well against the best of his peers. But that shouldn't be an excuse for a team with crappy defense to trade him, that should be an reason to hang onto him.

We have other valuable, less polished assets with redundant skillsets in the pool to play with.

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