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01-07-2013, 01:43 AM
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I'd still love to know why KSA card grading sucks???

Even if I did ovrpay a bit for my Crosby Young Guns rookie, I'm not too worried. Like I said, the only reason I had bought the card was because I had a store credit at my local collectibles store that I wanted to get rid of. And since they had no framed and signed pictures that I wanted or signed pucks, I didn't know what else to use it on. Plus I mean mom n pop collectible places do need to up their prices to make a profit right?

As I said as well, Had that have been me walking in there with $400 cash, I would never spend that much of my hard earned cash on a single card. For the amount of money people foolishly pay for today's top-end cards, I'd much rather use that money on framed and autographed pictures for my wall or a few autographed pucks instead. Which is what I've been doing and would have continued to do today had they had what I wanted.

Regardless of how "prestine" my card may or may not be, I'm happy with my purchase. I've always wanted a Crosby Young Guns card and I had the opportunity to obtain one yesterday with nothing to I grabbed it.

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