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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
I have been a Laker fan for 45 years (yeah I know, what can I say? I came to age at 9 years old ), and even I am astonished how delusional Laker fans can be.

This Laker team is going NOWHERE. Period. Anyone who has observed basketball for any length of time can see that as much talent as they do have, its old, its slow, and it doesn't play well together. Add the fact that Kobe is still jacking up ill-advised shots at the most inopportune times and you have a recipe for disaster. They have lost to the most mundane teams this season, including barely beating a very bad Charlotte team by one lousy point.

Add to that you have far superior teams in the West in the Clippers, OKC, Memphis, San Antonio, and Golden State, and that even such teams at this point as Houston, Denver, Minnesota, Portland, and Utah have better records than the Lakers 31 games into the season, and anyone can see the Lakers have their work cut out for them just to make the playoffs.

The Lakers currently place 11th in the WC, 3 spots out of a playoff spot. Now, I do believe they will improve to the point at getting into the playoffs, but its going to be a first round exit to any of the five superior teams in the West I noted above.

Did I mention that this team doesn't (or won't, or CAN'T) play defense? Uh, minor sticking point there.
The Lakers big problem is that they aren;t using their strengths. They have two monster big men and yet they refuse to play a half-court game. The Lakers are 2nd in the league in 3-pt attempts!!!

You can make any team it he league look old running back to play defense so quickly after every missed 3-pt shot.

Every Laker fan should be cringing whenever Pau Gasol shoots a three pointer, and it's happening more regularly now.

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