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Ted - 5.5/10

Not a huge fan of these kinds of movies, but I did find it to be quite funny at times.

Trouble with the Curve - 4/10

I kind of knew I wouldn't like it, but I am a sucker for baseball movies. The baseball scenes were actually well done and interesting. If the story was about an old scout struggling trying to cope with getting old and losing his eyesight, I would have been happy. Instead it trys to tell several different stories and doesn't do a good job with any of them. There was literally no reason for Timberlake's character to be in the movie. John Goodman was good though. The saving grace of the film for me was Amy Adams. Her performance was forgetable, but there is just something so hot about girls who know and like sports. She is beautiful enough as is, but she was smoking in this movie.

Premium Rush - 8/10

The first 20 minutes of these movie were outstanding. It felt like a rush just watching the thing. I was having so much fun but then the frantic pace that was so effective, came crashing to a halt and the movie never fully recovered. The main story was also a little too serious based on the mood of the film. I'm not as high on JGL as others, but he was perfectly cast in this. Michael Shannon was outstanding as well. It maybe didn't all fit together perfectly, but I had a lot of fun.

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