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01-07-2013, 03:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Sportacus View Post
So I just started playing this... Is Drow supposed to be this good?
Drow was stupidly OP til the latest patch (but was banned from competitive "Captain's Mode" game) - the change to her aura was a much needed nerf... She's still banned from CM, so hard to say if she's still OP - IMO no, just that in uncoordinated pubs, she deals a lot of DPS and can be hard to cope with at times.

She's also very easy - on surface - for new players, but she's also a "carry" hero - meaning you have to keep your farm up and get items at a decent rate in order to be effective and basically carry your team late game - which isn't always that simple for new players.

My advice is, until you get a firm grasp on the game, stick to supports (Tide, CM, Venomancer, Jakiro, Shadow Demon, etc.), learn the basics of laning and lane control, jungling and creep stacking/pulling, ganking and warding...

I got a couple of mates who are still fairly new, and while it's limiting that their hero pool is small, they have the support role down now and it's a much better experience to play with them than random pubs.

As far as roles go, quick overview is - usually they go by importance of farm:

Position 1 - carry... Safe lane, controlled farm, relatively simple to play, but a huge load of responsibility... if you can't sense ganks incoming or you miss last hits - not for you.

Position 2 - solo mid... the "playmaker" in the team, needs farm levels and early core items, controls the ganks in mid game... Basically your mid-game go-to hero. Turns to semi-carry late game.

Position 3 - Solo lane (mostly), heroes that can effectively solo vs a lane with multiple heroes, mostly underfarmed and underleveled and then they have some way to make up for it in mid-game

Postion 4 - support/jungle/gank.... Most often a jungle, can be hard to play as most of them are micro-intensive (Enchantress, Chen, Enigma, etc.).

Position 5 - support... Lane support, gank, ward, counter-ward...
Best for new player - low amount of responsibility, but can have a massive impact on early game and thus the whole game if played properly.
Your mid and carry will love you for wards and ganks and counterganks (TP when your carry is getting ganked), and you'll much less slack for not performing great compared to the amount of flame a carry or mid gets.

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