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Originally Posted by Mint Berry Crunch View Post
Statistics are everything, after all.

Every here pretends like his only problem is stats. The funny thing is that all these comments are from people who don't watch Kreider either. How many people who've left comments like, "if you were actually watching Kreider, you'd know better" have seen him this year even once?

Your opinion is based on the fact that the Rangers needed depth in last playoffs and he was able to keep up when the only assignment given to him was to skate fast. That really was something that the team told him was his only responsibility - skate fast, stretch the defense, don't worry about anything else.

All his mistakes were forgiven because he was just days out of college. All his half-decent plays were cause for mass celebration, again because he was just days out of college. But the same type of play from Fred Sjostrom would not have been seen as anything because Sjo was not a rookie. That's not unfair, but let's keep in mind that it wasn't as if he came in and played like Crosby.

Then everyone who never watches Hartford went on to say that all the reports about Kreider struggling are just people paying attention to stats. All information coming out of the AHL about his subpar play is just that - not watching, paying attention to stats.

So let me quote you the Whale TV color commentator whose job it is to watch Kreider play: "He did a good job last year for the Rangers in the playoffs where his only responsibility was to skate and keep up with the team, but now he's really struggling with the additional responsibility he's been given in Hartford."

But yeah, maybe the Whale commentator isn't watching games either.

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