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Originally Posted by Connie Moreau View Post
Geno getting interviewed after his latest game about the lockout ending:

Saw this translation of it get posted on Tumblr.

“Today I had a game. Of course I heard that the lockout is over, but I don’t know all the details, so it’s hard for me to say anything specific. Now I’m gonna read the news and talk to my agent and then I’ll see what comes next.

I have to go to Pittsburgh and honor my contract, there are 1.5 years left. So I’m going to call them, buy tickets. Tomorrow I’ll probably go home to pack my stuff.

It’s difficult, of course. I got used to the team and to my native city, but I did all I could, I honored my contract. I think we did well and showed good game. But now the lockout’s over I have obligations to Pittsburgh, so now it’s out of my hands.”

JF. I really hope it's either a) a bad translation, or b) Geno just being sentimental about leaving Mmg. Because otherwise, the tone of his interview doesn't sound too good.
If that is what you got from his tone, then I think he has a legit reason to feel this way. Yes these guys get paid a lot to do what they do, but they also have a passion for what they do. Thus why a guy like Evgeni Malkin is so dominate. It shows he cares and he's into something. I want that from my players. I want them to care. Be disappointed. This won't effect his game at all. It just shows he does care about committing to a team's success. He was having a great time out there playing in front of his home city, with his dear friend Sergei Gonchar. I can't see anything wrong with this. I only see really good things.

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