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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
So now that Hockey Canada didn't cheap out on players in this past WJC (according to you, they didn't want to pay the insurance) and they brought not one but two 95's, you have to come up with another ridiculous thing to complain about?

You do realize you're proposing that a 98 play in a tournament filled with 94's and 95's, right?
That's a triple underager.
relax dude, Garyboy had it right... it's called it sometime.

And yes, I'm not so impressed with next year's potential lineup. And if you want to be a defender for all things Hockey Canada does, then by all means have at it. I don't begrudge you your right... if I'm a little too critical of Hockey Canada, then it is my right to do so... if you don't like it, pose a counter argument and we can discuss it or, just ignore it.

And I never suggested Barzal get an invite (at least not that I can recall) I highly doubt I would suggest a 15 year old player who hasn't played a game of junior hockey to get an invite to the U20 team. I'm big on McDavid yes, and I felt an invite wouldn't be out of the question on for him to experience the camp. As it turned out Hockey Canada held a joke of a selection camp anyway with the locks snoozing in the press box...any impartial observer can plainly see that Hockey Canada got everything wrong this year.

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