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Originally Posted by PlayMistyForMe View Post
As for those saying that he should finish this year in Sarnia and then spend a year or two with the Bulldogs before he plays in Montreal... well... that's just plain brain dead. Galchenyuck is a top first round pick under contract for three years in Montreal. So, according to these knowledgeable fans who truly understand the value of "paying your dues in the minors" and not waste a young talented player by bringing him up too soon, you would have Galchenyuck play most if not all of his contract with Montreal in the juniors and minors, then lose him to another team when his contract his due. Nice waste of a top pick.

Top three picks in NHL always start in NHL the minute they are eligible to play. Only exception are :

1. When the top pick is a defenseman or a goalie (they can take longer to be ready for the NHL because they need to gain size and experience at that position)
2. When the team is a top contender for the cup and/or no holes in the roster is available for the rookie that year.
I think you should start doing some research before throwing out comments like the one I bolded. Especially since it's complete fabrication on your part.

2011 - Jonathan Huberdeau. Drafted 3rd overall by the Florida Panthers, a non contender.

2010 - Brett Connolly. Drafted 3rd overall by the Tampa Bay Lightning, a non contender team.

Both those guys were drafted at the same spot as Galchenyuk and both did not play the year they were drafted. I would say Huberdeau is closer to Galchenyuk in terms of arguing potential here, but both Connolly and Huberdeau went 3rd overall. It's not rare for an 18-19 year old to spend his first year with his CHL team.

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