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01-07-2013, 07:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Blueline Bomber View Post
And you're welcome to disagree. I'm not trying (nor do I need to) justify my observations to you.
Wait, so you're not trying to justify your observations, but then you proceed to follow this sentence by trying to do exactly that? But carry on, that's part of the fun of a message board. If we all agreed all the time, it would be boring around here.

Anyhow, another observation about Boychuk. When he was up with the Canes in the past, it seemed he played very unsure and tentative a lot of the time. I could never tell if he was just afraid to make a mistake or if he really didn't have the hockey sense to play the NHL game the way he should and use his speed and skills to his advantage. For whatever reason, that's how he looked much of the time and might be part of the reason he was inconsistent. You'd see flashes of his skill, but more often than not, he'd look lost.

Seeing him with the Checkers, I don't see that at all. He looked confident and aggressive and used his skills to his advantage. If (and that's a big if) he can do that at the NHL level, I think he has a shot at being successful. Given the NHL game is much faster though, I don't know that he can, but based on his performance so far in Charlotte, I think he deserves an extended look.

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