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Knocked Up - Pretty funny , first time I saw it actually.For a comedy I would give it a solid 8/10.

- While I'm a huge Ferrell fan , this wasn't his best movie.Never understood the hype around it.Give it a 6/10.

Elf - Watched this with my nephew , already saw it previously , not bad for a kid movie but not the greatest Ferrell movie either.My rating: 4/10

The Dictator
- I really liked Borat back then , hated Bruno but got told Dictator was closer to Borat so I just bought the movie right away.I was a little bit disappointed but the movie had it's moments. 7/10

The Dark Knight Rises - Saw it at the theatre and re-saw it yesterday , of course it was a great movie but I thought it wasn't at the level of Batman Begins , so forget the comparisons with The Dark Knight right away.Still , a solid 8.5/10

The Game - (With Michael Douglas) , pretty old movie but fantastic paranoid thriller , I'm just a sucker for these kind of movies I guess.7/10

Les Visiteurs - French movie with Jean Reno , amazingly funny , a solid 8/10.

Space Odyssey 2001 - Watched this movie for the 10th time , always a pleasure to watch.One of my favorite movie.9/10

Bruce the Almighty - WTF? 2/10

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain
- Another french movie , always wondered about that one since every critics gave it remarkable rating.I watched it and it's true that the movie is quite good , in fact it is completely the opposite of everything I would want in a movie yet still succeeded in leaving me a strong impression.8.5/10

Blades of Glory
- Yet another Will Ferrell movie , filmed in Montreal.It was the second time I watched it and it actually made me laugh a whole lot more this time around.Not sure exactly why , probably how I felt in general that day.Chazz Michael Michaels is the most underrated Ferrell character.7/10

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