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Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post
Perhaps. It'd be interesting to see the current sponsorship offers.
Ask around. They might share again. Hell, Leggmann offered me his detailed financials going back to the beginning.

Damn nice pull. Are you keeping him? I have a similar pull from earlier in the season who is also 5/6. That's Dman Coates. He's so good that I might have to make some room.

Tough loss in the NC. Hasn't Bayern Munich upset you before? I'm still alive in the elite eight. I'm thinking about burning even more energy to reach the Finals. I could really use an Intl Cup. It's been too long. Holy crap. It hasn't. I was in the CWC in season 7. It seems like its been 3-4 seasons since my last IC match.

Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
Thanks lads. I go by the 36 hour rule when it comes to decisions about me. As far as my rant goes it was because members of my support team and community were taking some heat for what I felt was unjustified reasons. Without going into detail there have been a few things about the game that have bothered me for some time. I've been able to influence policy a tad over the years and initiate changes (market system of max bids, economic reform a few years ago). I was just trying to figure out how to make my point on another topic and stand up for "us little guys".

I've sunk too much time into it to just quit outright. Unless I die in a fiery plane crash people will know well in advance when I decide to pack it in
Did things work out okay for the other guys? I thought they would be safe as long as they told someone on the PPM team.

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