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Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
Thanks GMM. However, gotta admit that I feel like I'm past my prime. I remember when I first started I didn't really care about past ATD rankings. I would read on Tommy Phillips, Si Griffis, Jack Darragh (who were all MLD fixture at the time) and couldn't understand why they were not pick higher, so I would just snag them. I would then make a decent case for them and I would win my division. I've never been the best at constructing a team, but those steals would give me an edge.

Now today, all the GM's are very smart and with so much ATD's done, it's extremely hard to find those gems. The GM's that is gonna win their divisions/drafts are masters at constructing a perfectly balanced team, alongside great dedication and spice up with some luck. It's much harder to do well in the ATD now than 6-7 drafts ago. Everyone that wins their division in today's age should really be proud of their accomplishment.
Aren't you like 25-26?! Just entering prime - you're the Theo Epstein of the ATD.

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