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Originally Posted by vokiel View Post
I don't see any players bouncing back with a short schedule of 48 games. Specially if said player hasn't played a single game since September.

Can teams still buyout players with the regular rule?

Also: François Gagnon at l'Antichambre yesterday hinted that there isn't any rules for the cap hit of players playing in the AHL with the new CBA. The panel agreed that if Gomez shows up at camp and can't get a spot he should be waived... No need to use a compliance if so. The 2 compliance should be Bourque & Kaberle imho, unless Kaberle gets traded before the deadline.
I will see if I can find a link... at some point in the whirlwind yesterday I read something about an "anti-stashing" rule in the new CBA. That teams would be charged on the cap for any players in the minors on 1-way NHL deals who make more than $375k or something like that. This would make sense, clearly an effort to close the "loophole" of demoting guys like Gomez.

Could still waive him, of course. Could even still send him to the minors if/when he clears. It really doesn't matter to our team cap-wise if his number does count against our cap this year, since we've already set up the payroll to accomodate him. Whether up or down. Just you couldn't dodge the cap hit for next year this way, and would still have to use the compliance buyout on him in the summer, regardless. Gomez *is* one of the compliance buyouts, there is no getting around that. (Save for him playing well enough that a team wants to trade for him, fat chance of that).

EDIT: ok, here is a link:

About half-way down in the bullet zone on the right.

Any player on a one-way contract who plays in the American Hockey League with a salary in excess of the NHL's minimum salary plus $375,000 will have the excess amount charged against his team's salary cap.

So with a $525/550k league min, it'd be like shaving $900k-ish off Gomez's cap hit, but the rest would still count against us.

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