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Originally Posted by 1UP View Post
Hum, if Mathias Brunet is right, let's not tank.

English TLDR of point 1: In the new CBA, teams that miss the playoffs all have the exact same chance of drafting 1st overall - 1 in 14.

Finishing in the gutter yeilds no advantage over trying to make the playoffs for real. That's a great decision IMO.

I find this to be an interesting development. It could open the doors for another Pollock.

Meaning: if you're a top team with talent depth at the trading deadline you could dangle a a decent prospect or veteran to a team that is just out of the playoffs. With this setup the team out of the playoffs would be more willing to trade their draft pick seeing as it could only be a 12-13 or 14th pick but making the playoffs could payoff dividends at gate receipts.

As a top rank team you'd be willing to make the trade because at worse you're getting a 14th overall draft pick and at best you could get a top 5 pick.

I can see a lot more first round picks being traded with this new system. I know that's what i would be going after if I was a GM of a top ranked team.

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