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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
This team already is a real/true contender.

I will care about the farm because selling it for a 50 game season Cup that no one will even respect isn't worth making this an uncompetitive team again for X amount of years.

Giving up a late first rounder will NOT make us uncompetitive. A late first doesn't make it to the NHL 2/3 of the time anyway. When he does, he's usually a marginal player. The statistical odds of our 2014 first rounder turning into a difference making first liner are very slim, under 3%. Even the odds of him being a second liner are 10-15%.

I know people have high expectations of late first rounders because that's the best their team has, but they are just wrong. Even with the great drafting skills and knowledge of our scouts, we shouldn't expect our late firsts to turn into NHLers more than half the time.

Originally Posted by towely View Post
i don't want another one and done like 94 and we already have 3 big pieces in richards, gabby and nash with a heck of a supporting cast and let's not forget one of the best goaltenders in the league.
I've got news for you: we'll be LUCKY if we are one-and-done. Very lucky. That's why I wanted to do a little longer rebuild. Instead of signing Brad two years ago to a long and massive contract, I wanted to trade Gaborik for blue-chip youth, and acquire (second round or lower) picks or mid-range prospects for Prospal, Avery and WW, as well as not to give up a pick for McCabe. This would've filled up our system enough that we'd have been able to go on a long run using our own home-grown players.

But everyone wanted to go for it immediately. You can't waste Lundqvist's years, I was told. We have to give him the Cup in 2012.

The result is that we have a two year window: 2013 and 2014. That's it. After that, Gaborik will be gone and Brad will merely be eating up a major chunk of our cap space while his play will (very likely) continuously go down as he's moving from his mid to his late 30s.

We'll be very lucky if we are one-and-done.

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