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Originally Posted by yakitate304 View Post
He had also seen (from his own life):

the influence that a mother has on a man. We hear him tell the callgirl that he can't even remember his mom's face, in a way that makes us think that it is important to how he became a Looper/criminal/addict in the first place. Then Young Joe learns of how Old Joe is "saved" by his wife, who is portrayed as a motherly figure. I think that his character's shame and regret about selling out his friend for his own selfishness also played a major role in his decision.

So while I agree that it might not have been the most practical solution, it was something that I could understand the character doing based on what we knew about him, his past, and even his future.

Just my two cents.
I realize the ending was meant to sorta 'stun' the audience...


but to me the movie did not lead me to have any reason to doubt the future's timeline was not set. Had they started dropping clues that the future was completely a random outcome regardless of what happened historically, then I would have been fine with it outside the ultimate selfless act by a selfish person. Instead they dismissed the time logic big issues and just dealt with his memories fading or becoming more vivid as they happened to his younger self and the fact you could instantly effect someone traveling back in time by hacking off fingers, writing on your skin, etc...

If they wove in a little more hints at things being different in old Joe's timeline from the young Joe's then that leaves the future undetermined clearly to the viewer and makes that final scene much more optimistic to me. I watched it and immediately thought "well, that's great you saved a kid to only kill thousands more later". I viewed it as the chance to kill a Hitler as a kid and he passed out of some twisted sense of chivalry when up to that point he was purely self serving, even to the point of telling himself to F off and go die old man. Stark and sudden change all for a 'chance' that he might understand timeline logic better than we've been led to believe.

The only other thing that sorta bugged me was why the loopers had to kill themselves - why not just have looper A kill looper B and avoid any chance they show mercy to their older selves? The gold payment could come in a different manner as just a bag that shows up instead of a person and you know your loop was just closed elsewhere by another looper.

All that said, I still loved the movie and all, just a quirky character move as the final twist that required a bit too much of a leap for me.


After going to read other reviews and questions about the ending I found this which resolves the major issue completely.

I just read that the rainmaker saw his mother killed by a looper, somehow I missed this fact in the movie (I'll blame the puppy chewing on my arm) so that opens up the future to be completely different as I pointed out above as a flaw. All sits right now in my mind." GREAT MOVIE ENDING! LOL.


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