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Originally Posted by chsb View Post
Two months ago, pretty well all you and some Moncton guys were claiming was that Moncton were some fans want to sell on their Board...
Two months ago, Bathurst was the laughing stock of some and their funeral arrangements were signed, sealed and delivered according to many on here.

Meanwhile the Titan reshuffled the cards, changed Coach and the results that we see are very positive....something finally positive for the rest of the year.

The Titan might not be on a contending run, but they are buyers for sure.
Brouillard was the proof of it.
Now they are looking to upgrade on the defense.

What I see right now is a team that will give a fit to PEI and Moncton any day of the week.

Halifax is another story.

the fact your buyers when your sitting in 12th place, only to possibly win a playoff series is a huge lack of vision. You have very little 2014 picks, and you will have to move your 2013 picks in order to be buyers.

Where does that leave the team in 2-3 years? According to you, they are buyers now, so they can make a run at winning 1 series.... keep drinking the LGM kool aid. There is a reason that there once was 2800+ fans every night in bathurst and now there are less than half. People see there is no vision and they have jumped off the bandwagon.

and...IMO.... 1st and 3rd pick for Brouillard is overpaying!!!
Why would they have to pay for Brouillard? Because it's the only way other GM's will make deals with LGM.

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