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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
I partially agree with you, but then each method has its flaws. Ovechkin, Malkin and Crosby at their peaks do seem slightly better than Selanne was, but I wonder how much of that was due to Selanne playing on bad teams in an era where defenders had much more leeway to hold, hook, slash, etc. He peaked similarly to players like Sakic, Forsberg and Lindros, in terms of offensive production, and many would argue that at least some of those players peaked at a similar level to the current top players. Ovechkin had a great 3 year stretch from '08-'10, but Selanne actually outscored him in '07 & '12, and was 5 points behind him in '11, despite being way past his peak. He also scored 76 goals as a rookie, albeit a 22 y/or rookie in a higher scoring season. It's difficult for me to believe that he peaked much lower than the current stars, when he lost a Ross to each of Lemieux & Jagr. If you asked me who was better for 3 seasons, I would probably take Ovechkin, Malkin, Crosby and Thornton over Sakic, Selanne, Forsberg and Lindros. If it was for 5+ seasons, I would probably take the latter group, that's how close it is IMO. Also, while Crosby and Malkin have had their share of injuries already, I think injuries were an even bigger obstacle in DPE.
I spent few hours on searching about 90's stars and I have to agree. Selanne actually peaked offensively right around Malkin/Crosby/OV level. Better than I realized at first.

I think those two groups you said are basically even for me. Both define the best players (removing Jagr) from the late 90's and the next generation after that.

The perspective of 90's gets easily twisted a bit since Jagr and Lemieux were the dominating forces back then. Scoring finishes are often twisted at the top. (Like Selanne losing an Art to Lemieux & Jagr) I there is no player in either group who could have snatched an Art Ross from Lemieux or Jagr. So that essentially puts Selanne in to the same category as Crosby/Malkin/Ovechkin. (Considering nobody thinks these guys as the same level as Jagr, which would turn the table a bit)

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