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Originally Posted by cutchemist42 View Post
I thought they did that when they didn't vote in Clark?

BTW, anyone wanna chime in on if the new CBA does enough to make this franchise viable in Glendale under that lease?
It's hard to tell. In any case, they voted in at least one other council member who was pro-subsidy. They could have voted against the sales tax, but endorsed it. They could have mounted a campaign to send the Coyotes deal to a referendum, but only a single, dyspneic old man seemed at all interested. I would say that they have been rather passive / apathetic if they really don't like the Coyotes' deal.

Originally Posted by WildGopher View Post
I understand that perspective, but I think there are bigger issues here. The idea in Arizona's constitution is that the money taxpayers are forced to fork over has to be used for essential purposes, not given to corporations. That's an important ideal. Governments aren't supposed to play favorites, especially with taxpayer's hard-earned money. When governments start going to bat for their favored corporations or individuals, it opens up all sorts of likelihood of corruption, which is what we've seen in a borderline way with the way Glendale has played this. This is why I think it's important GWI or someone challenge this huge give-away in court.
I was just stating my personal view, not a legal perspective. Politicians play favorites all the time with taxpayer's hard-earned money. If the taxpayers are okay with how their money is spent, that seems a reasonable system. I think that Glendale's taxpayers have had ample opportunity to object to the Jamison lease, and have let it slide. I expect that it does violate the gift clause, but the subsidy to Jamison is all out there for the voters to see. If challenged, I think that the COG might lose in court, but unless there is strong political and public appetite to send it to court it this will be a moot point. I would be more concerned with his refusal to name investors, but I guess Glendale doesn't care who actually owns the team and benefits from the subsidy.

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