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01-07-2013, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by cutchemist42 View Post
... anyone wanna chime in on if the new CBA does enough to make this franchise viable in Glendale under that lease?
It'll help, buts its' certainly no Silver Bullet. The ceiling drops to $64M & change, the bottom to $44M, the minimum salary rising from app $550K to $725K (over the life of the CBA) while Revenue Sharing will be increased by $200M & tied to overall league-wide growth. Short-term with an abbreviated season cost savings will be substantial. Travel expenses will be lower with a 48 or 50 game Conference play schedule for the Coyotes, pro-rated salaries, and as we know profits realized during the playoff's provided of course fans do flock back.

The franchise doesnt really have any stupid-crazy contracts on the books so the buyout clause wont do much for them, nor will trading cap space. Its the bolded bit that promises the most for teams like Phoenix which when combined with Glendales $300M+ (if they can even cash those checks) will give them a fighting chance. And by "fighting chance" I mean of the kind devised by the likes of the NHL & Jamison. An over-reliance upon the combination of league & municipal welfare without any serious oversite & scrutiny; creating a bubble of artificiality that inevitably bursts as this one most assuredly will. This combined with having very little confidence in Greg Jamison, deeply suspicious of his motives and mechanizations, well, lets just say Im not really all that optimistic at this point.

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