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Originally Posted by jiho View Post
NHL tested? Yes, but what has he proven? Sure he works hard and can figure skate with anyone but he doesn't accomplish very much. I do not see him developing into a very good offensive player. I would hate to play on a line with him and Kane as you would never see the puck playing with those two. He is not a playmaker. He is not a goal scorer. I can see him as a hard working, third line energy guy, reliable defensively and kills penalties.
please see garrets thorough statistical breakdown of burmistrov.

he has proven he is a capable defensive third line player who shows flashes of offense but lack consistancy in that regard.

Scheifele has shown he can dominate junior, do well on an international U20 stage, score a lot of goals in 5 games against nhl/ahl fillins, do very little for 9 against only NHL players, and play capable defensive role against AHL players in the playoffs.

absolutely none of that translates to a "a capable defensive third line player who shows flashes of offense but lack consistancy in that regard". Even if Scheifele comes up and plays better then burmi, that doesn't make your statement correct, it means THEN he is a better player then burmi, not "now".

Unrelated to the quote:
Frankly i'm pretty disappointed by the amount of "keep him in barrie regardless" and "send him back regardless" answers.

What does that say to anyone in the organization? "Hey you looked downright great in camp, BUT, due to contract status and other ******** that doesn't factor into actually winning games, we're going to send you back". IMO that does just as much harm as "rushing" a player.

if that was me, i'd be pissed, and i'd be looking for the first ticket out of town. At this level, you play to win, and whoever makes the team better, is who should be on the roster.

. And i agree with hank, Top six would be good, but i also agree that third line minutes with the big boys is probably better then continuing to beat up on junior players in Barrie, you don't improve without raising the bar.

edit: i posted this before finishing reading up on the thread and though it was one of the rare times i disagreed with garret...but now that i've read ahead i see he's come around...that was close...

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