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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I started my kid out with a mild Sakic

But are parents really calling the shots on the curves? I mean most kids I see can pick out whatever stick/curve/flex they want, the parents only care about the price tag.

Bjugstad is responsible for both this E28 curve and (if the rumors were correct) the Bauer P14. I recall reading on Mod Squad a few years ago that he recommended to all his students to use the P14 (which might be based on his pro curve), so our local shops started carrying a lot of P14 Bauer sticks.

...and now that I'm thinking of that, I really want to try a P14.
I have a p14 on my x60 ops. It's not to far off from a p88. Though I feel like there is less overall surface area on the P14 for one timers etc.

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