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01-07-2013, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by ps241 View Post
This is pretty interesting debate because there are merits to all sides of the argument.

I would like to add a few additional pieces of information to digest this morning.

Firstly. For those of us that think Mark might need more time in Barrie because it would be great for him to get quality minutes (PP, PK, 1st line), which I have been firmly planted in, we might need a revisit. I think it is important to remember that due to the lockout Mark has had the unique opportunity of getting the best of both worlds. We were not forced to make the tough call in the fall and we were able to kick the can down the road and therefore Mark has already played 29 games in Barrie (vs. the 47 regular season games last year) where he has dominated night in night out and he has had almost a month with team Canada and put in a very solid WJC where he improved his performance over last year. One has to ask now what is left for Mark to learn in Barrie? Perhaps he could learn how to put a full season together because last year he hit a big wall at this exact point in time (or some would say it was during the WJC) but then really picked it up for the OHL playoffs. Not like we didn't send him back and stunted his growth this year he has had a half year and a WJC and now we have a historical opportunity to do a mid season evaluation of a prospect after they have already benefitted allot from developing in the OHL

Secondly. I heard Ken Hitchock talk twice on the dynamics of coming off this lock out and the challenges that teams will face. It was a great interview but I will cherry pick the part that is relevant to this debate. Ken said that one of the huge challenges will be team chemistry due to the fact that some guys have been playing in Europe and others have been playing shinny and that variance will cause havoc. He also said that it will be about quality minutes not quantity and that for at least a month players you are use to counting on for big minutes will not be able to give you those minutes at a high level and more than ever you will need bottom pairing D and bottom 6 forwards to pull a big load. It got me thinking that the Jets may actually need Mark to compete and make the run for the playoffs.

So let's play this out then. So Mark is going to come to training camp and be available to Barrie at the earliest for their game on January 24th and that would leave 22 OHL games plus playoffs for Mark to work on his game. Now subtract 9 games off the 22 if Winnipeg deems they could use Mark's help with the Jets to get off on the right foot. That would leave Mark about 13 OHL games plus playoffs left.

At this point do we really believe that Mark would develop more playing 22 games plus playoffs in the OHL or play 48 games with the Jets (plus maybe some playoffs)??

Now if Mark isn't ready then this is an easy call Mark can go back to the Colts and finish up strong which would leave the door open to having Mark spend time in the AHL next year if that is needed. However, I think we have to let this play out because unless the situation is too big for him Scheif might actually learn and grow more by joining the parent club now even in a more limited capacity.

This is something I totally didn't consider- just how many games would scheif be going back for if he did get sent back?

personally that weighs the whole "development" thing even farther to the right IMO, because unless there are deep playoff runs by both barrie and st johns, he's going to end up playing more games if he stays in winnipeg.

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