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01-07-2013, 11:39 AM
Veni Vidi Toga
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Yeah when Redden's contract could just get buried in the minors off the cap and player share, that seems like a giant jelly donut like softness in the alleged hard cap.

If all AHL salaries over a million count against the cap, other than the make whole and transition costs making the cap appear soft for two years with all the off the books stuff, going forward i'd think the cap looks harder than before.

But of course, there is still a floor pegged 16 mil below the cap set to rise with revenues. A hard floor if you will. If revenues grow as they were before the lockout, there could be a $90mil floor at the end of this cba. If that were to happen will fans express shock that salaries have somehow spiraled out of control again requiring player pay cuts to save owners from themselves? Or will we say look, salaries are linked to league revenues in this league. You must make this much money at the gate each year in order to play. Otherwise, no franchise for you unless other owners are willing to subsidize that teams losses until they get back on their feet.

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