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01-07-2013, 10:45 AM
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So reading up on this some more: The CBR formula is actually the PA's answer to the NHL's more draconian measure of just tacking on the remaining cap-hit to the original team. Here are it's details (From same Mirtle article):

In response to the league’s call for such an alteration, the NHLPA devised something called a “cap benefit recapture formula,” which would punish teams with players who retired early on long-term deals by putting the money they saved over the term of the deal on their cap after they’ve retired.

This notion has been around for a while, but the change that came last week was that the PA offered to apply this formula to any new contracts that are seven years or longer OR existing deals with seven years or more remaining.

Another change to the PA's previous proposal is that instead of allowing the post-retirement cap penalty to be spread over twice the length remaining on the deal it can only be spread over the number of years that the player didn't play.

So what is the "money saved over the term of the deal"? And how do they apply it to the cap?

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