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01-07-2013, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
OOOOOOOO DRAMA! I don't think Landon is 2 years old. Adorable kid, but I don't think he's two.

In the personal life of silverfish update, since I don't post in the OT thread as much anymore:

TL;DR: I need to get on a good, solid workout routine. I need a job. I need more money. I need to get over my ex once and for all!

I've been terribly lazy recently, and it's a problem. I'm not working out at all anymore, and can't find the motivation to do what I was doing in terms of "lifting" (I put it in quotes because I think you all may remember that while I do lift, I'm not doing it to the point that I need to be doing it). It is my goal for this weekend to get to the gym with my brother, and hopefully turn my life back on track come next Monday, in terms of working out, and finding a good healthy routine, that is.

I'm still applying to about 3 jobs a week, which is a decent amount but also not enough. Still no interviews since July. Haven't hit a commission in my internship (with Mitch Beck, so if any of you need any inside info on the CT Whale, I'm your guy ) in a couple of months now so the money flow has been stagnant. Which is especially bad because I know I'm going to spend money I don't have on Rangers tickets

If you recall after new years I spoke about passing up a sure thing because I'm still not over my ex. Looking back on that night, I was kind of a dick to this girl. She was flriting with me all night, and I knew what her ultimate goal was going to be and I didn't stop her until she straight up just went for it. I should have made my intentions clear in the beginning, rather than just letting her go all night. In my defense, I did NOT flirt back, so she could have taken the hint, but didn't. But that's unfair to assume, and I should have been more honest. Our mutual friend has been telling me that the girl pretty much hates me now That's ok, never going to see her again.

The ex... Haven't spoken to her since she started dating her new boyfriend back in August, and it's been totally weird not having her in my life. Something I'm still trying to get used to. But yesterday her best friend, who was her roommate at school so I know her pretty well too, texted me because she knows I'm a huge hockey fan and wanted to congratulate me on the lockout ending. We ended up chatting for a little bit and catching up. Now, I've never initiated contact with the friend, I'm respecting my ex's space. But this is the third time the friend has contacted me since I've cut off communications with my ex. In our conversation yesterday, she asked me if I "had any ladies in my life." I felt that was a pretty ****** move on her part. But maybe not because she has no idea how hung up on my ex I still am. Which is inherently pathetic considering she's had a new boyfriend for 5 months now. In this whole situation I'm just trying to stay mature, and keep some sort of a professional status about it. In my three conversations with the friend I've never brought up my ex, or asked how she was doing. Which I find unfair because I BET my ex is getting the information that her friend gets from me from her (does that sentence make sense?) so I find that a little unfair. But whatever. Anyways I just answered her by laughing it off and being like "hahah no, no ladies in my life right now but I'm not looking either so there's no surprise there."

Hard to get over the girl you thought was the one I guess, even when she is so clearly over you. I have to get that mentality that if she doesn't want to be with me, then why should I want to be with her? Gotta stop thinking she was perfect, gotta get her off that pedestal. It'll come soon... I hope

I sound like a really depressing person. On a bright note, it was absolutely amazing having a lot of my friends back in town! Got to play sports again, and be more active, and get out of the house more, so that was great.
This. Happened to me, had that mentality, then she came back and stuff after I almost forgot who she was. I activated "TCRF dick mode" though.

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