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01-07-2013, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by gdg9 View Post
You may not like the specific players in that proposal, and that's fine.
Maybe the teams aren't good trading partners and a deal won't work.

But from a value standpoint...
- Another 3rd yr player in the same positon with almost identical points totals (106 vs 107) in less games played
- A teams top forward prospect
- a young 6'5" RFA Dman who has had some success in the NHL.

If you think that value is laughable (as your comment suggests) then you are absolutely dreaming about what you think you will get, given the premise set out in the original post of this thread.

And before someone points it out, I'm aware Bozak is a UFA at season's end, but I highly doubt COL would have any problems signing the hometown boy to a contract extension at a decent price.
You could add it as a condition to the deal if you want.
A signed Ryan O'Reilly? I don't think I'm dreaming. lol

Value standpoint?

- Cody Franson has shown VERY LITTLE at the NHL level (I don't care how big he is) and he certainly IS NOT a top-4 d-man at this point. I know Leaf fans thought it was an amazing pick-up to get him along with a salary dump from Nashville for literally nothing but he just isn't anything special, sorry.

- Nazim Kadri has shown VERY LITTLE at the NHL level and while he's STILL a 21 year old prospect, there is still very much a lot of uncertainty with this player. [it's funny, because when other teams try to trade their prospects for an established LEAF, they are told that there are risks because X player is still a prospect. However, it's apparently not acceptable when Kadri is involved? ]

- Tyler 'Superstar' Bozak EVERY SINGLE LEAF FAN ON THE PLANET WANTS TO TRADE HIM, hmm, perhaps an indication of something? Nah, he's awesome and will only get better. The fact that you indicate that 3rd year player and 26 year old Tyler Bozak and 3rd year player and 21 year old Ryan O'Reilly are somehow CLOSE is hilarious.

My counter offer to this atrocity would be this:

Hishon - he's our top forward prospect
Ryan O'Byrne - he's 6'5" and has had some success
David Jones - Over the past 3 years, has scored 10 more goals and 1 less point in 24 less games (172GP 57G 41A 98PTS)


JVR - Over the past 3 years, has scored 1 more point in 24 more games (196GP 47G 52A 99PTS)

Sound good? Not too appetizing? Weird, because that is the exact same crappy offer you sent to us. The only difference is that I KNOW it's a crappy offer and wouldn't expect any knowledgeable Leaf fan to accept it.

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