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01-07-2013, 10:58 AM
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Kyle actually opened the game as i wanted, with some passing in obvious run downs. In my mind, Seattle would be over keyed on Morris and it should work. And it did, much better than I thought. Once they adjusted to that, up 14 or regardless, it was time for Morris on 1st and 2nd down, over and over. But Kyle largely stuck to his game plan, even though we couldn't pass for jack ****.

I was also hoping for some plays to take advantage of their aggressiveness, a pipe dream. A flea flicker, double reverse, something more than Morris sweep, zone read or Garcon slant.

We didnt run a fake FG or Punt, nor surprise onside, all year. No hurry up, really?

Next preseason I would like to see Mike call all those plays he knows they will never use so teams at least game plan for it, at least in the first few games.

And for the love of the game, get RG3 a working ****ing helmet speaker, or just script the ****ing 2nd play of the game, and not make a zone read a top secret from your own players. Even Cousins was struggling to hear plays.

Edit: I wonder if Trent Williams has every been on skates before. Seeing him take a swipe at one of the roided seagulls makes me think he the Caps could use him in our next game versus Philly.

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