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Originally Posted by HobeyBroten View Post
Maybe it is because I don't get out of this state much, but it baffles me how much the country as a whole does not like hockey what-so-ever. I have tried watching basketball during the lockout but seriously, I just don't see the same amount of skill that is required for hockey vs. basketball. Baseball?.....Please, the only thing they have going is that they have to play 162 games, but that sport is like golf, you don't HAVE to be in shape to make an impact in the game (Prince Fielder). And the only thing that is as exciting would be football, but I put football fans on the same page as international soccer fans, them people are CRAZY. Plus in football you only have to play one direction either Offense or Defense.

My apologies for the rant, but I love this sport more than anything and I don't like how it is ALWAYS put on the back burner compared to the other big 4, even before the lockouts.
Too hard to get rinks and too expensive. Sticks are $300 dollars now? Icetime - I wouldn't have a clue what an hour is at Phalen over here now. It's just NOT a cheap sport and therefore not accessible to the masses. Combine that with it generally being a cold weather sport. Baseball, basketball, football, soccer = all free, basically, just find a group of guys or gals.

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