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Originally Posted by sens83 View Post
You are right. I'll eat my crow. For some reason I remember Labrie being involved in a few cheap shots that game. But I was mistaken, it was Nielson that jumped Boro not Labrie. Boro got jumped twice in that game though, maybe it was Labrie in the first altercation.

My point however remains the same. DD is already there, why do we need to bring in a FA?
Well for one, having a bigger more physical bottom six can be a good thing. I see the value that Neil adds to the organization and feel that the sens could benefit from having more players like him, hence adding Dziurzynski and Labrie to the bottom six. Also having a physical team can help in the playoffs as it was a contributing factor to the success of the Bruins, Kings and Ducks along with many other teams that were able to win a Stanley Cup. On top of that we have a handful of young skilled players (Karlsson, Turris, Silfverberg, Stone, Zibanejad and Hoffman) who will need time and space to be able to perform to their fullest potential.

Having a tough team was a big part of the sens success last season and with the loss of Carkner and Konopka, we will need other players to take on that role. Dziurzynski and Labrie could help lead the team physically. Aside from that Labrie is an agitator, which is something that we lack in the organization.

Essentially what I had in mind was to sign Labrie to take on the role of 13th forward and to primarily play him against the tougher and more physical teams in the league. The 13th forward spot is usually a utility role player so Labrie would fit in well there. All of our other prospects that don't take a regular spot will need to be getting lots of ice time so ideally you wouldn't want any of them in a 13th forward spot.

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