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01-07-2013, 12:23 PM
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I was hoping a comparison would pop up somewhere.

The other comparison that could be interesting would be the final deal VS the bullet point predictions that some in the media were throwing about at the beginning. If nothing else it could show how asinine this whole thing really was.

At any rate, the two considerations that should be minded are;

1) Even at with the so called "take it or leave it" offer in October, it should be considered a framework only with some allowance for movement. The criminal part of this whole thing was that the two sides weren't basing negotiations off of the same proposal until December.

2) The comparisons can't really be fully comprehended for another couple years. In September the league and PA could have counted on continued revenue growth and yet through an unwillingness to find a sense of urgency they not only threw away $800 mil from this year but have likely set the league revenue back a couple years on top of it.

All the talk of make whole and buy outs and all that stuff can't be looked at in isolation without seeing the effects on total revenue.

As a side note, can anyone point to the silver bullet that this negotiation achieved that would suggest the league issues have been solved? The way I see it is that the the same issues that plagued the league heading into the lockout have not been solved but have just been deferred a couple years, again, which sets up continued labour unrest moving forward.

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