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01-07-2013, 11:25 AM
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We dated for just under two years. Were "together" for about 2.5. Thing is, towards the end of our relationship, when I was moving back to Long Island and she was staying in the WNY area to move back home, I think at first we both had it in our mind that it was probably going to end when school ended in May. Well, come April I realized that isn't what I wanted for us, and wanted to keep it going, but by that time she was so set on us just fizzling out, she was too involved in that scenario and couldn't be changed. Looking back, our relationship really started dying on her end in May, which is why I think she didn't have a problem charging into another relationship soon after. Here's the kicker, it's a long-distance relationship, at least for now I don't know what their deal is really, only that she's in WNY, and he goes to school in Virginia. **** me, right? So it's a little easier in the sense that nothing at home really reminds me about her, as she never lived on Long Island. But things like the NHL, and other interests that we shared that I still have make me think about her all the time. Really hoping in the first Rangers-Sabres game that we take it to them and crush them like 8-0 while injuring Miller AND Enroth, shattering their chances at a playoff run this season (sorry TCRF ). Hopefully not serious injuries! Because I don't want to wish that on anyone, but enough to miss a solid chunk of the short season

Everyone I explain this scenario to, her breaking it off because we were going to be long-distance, then entering a new long-distance relationship, has not hesitated to tell me that they think it as a ***** move on her part; and I can see that, but it's harder for me to adopt that point of view, at least at this point. And the one thing that really angers me these days is that if her new relationship fell through, and she came back, I'd probably take her back. Not instantly, I'd want to really examine how we get along now, she could be a completely different person, but I probably would. It's been extra difficult to just move on with my life because I really have "no life" right now. No job, no school, no car, not too many friends in the area; so that part has been tough. But it's definitely providing me extra motivation to get out there and get a career and make something happen.

I'm sorry to hear that your 2009 was such a ****** year, nobody should have to go through anything like that. To lose two people you love in such a short period of time, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemies. But it really sounds like you and your girlfriend have a great thing. I know that you guys do a lot of hockey related things together and share a ton of similar interests, and that's awesome. You wife that girl when you can, MPF!

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