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01-07-2013, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by TheCanasianfrasian View Post
Its the perfect year to "rush" him. Pressure is at an all time low on the habs to perform. Most are expecting them to miss the playoffs again.

He can get a good taste of NHL life with a half season instead of the grueling 82 season.
My counter to this:

The fact expectations are low right now is part of the problem with keeping Galchenyuk up. Because no one expects anything out of this team, the media will turn this into a major story and most of the fanbase will immediately try to compare his stats to other top 3 picks and such. The people who don't follow prospects like we do here will act like Galchenyuk should be a difference maker right from the get-go because he was the 3rd pick.

As for the grueling 82 games... this 48 game schedule will be much more grueling. 4 games one week, 3 games the next week and it will alternate like that apparently...for a kid who barely played last year, he could very well hit the wall by game 22 and you've basically wasted the 1st year of his ELC.

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